Monday, July 11, 2011

Living example

Here's what I'm talking about; I came across it last night.

The subject? Whether a clever Honda ad did or did not run during the Super Bowl.

my bad what i meant to say was it did show on air but only once during the super bowl and go fuck your self thats why you are rated thumbs down bitch. its ok now you can cry. and if you reply this you prove that your the most dummest fucker in the world because...1.u have wasted 10secs of your life.2.reread it again cause you dont under stand that u wasted 10 sec of your life and 3. cause i am only jokeing

So, my question: Would 'dimejitunji' have written this kind of response to someone he'd never met if he'd had to sign his name? If he'd had to OwnUpDude?

And would the world be a little bit brighter if he'd written something more civilized?


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